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Ivory Oral M2 - Attachment Heads

The new Ivory Oral M2 can effectively separate dental plaque, dental calculus, and stains, removes hard tartar easily from the teeth preventing gum disease.

Here's the attachment you get:

Note: This only contains the 4 attachment heads. To get the full package including the IvoryOral M2 you can click here.

4 Attachments for Cleaner, Whiter and Healthier Teeth 

✅ Flat Cleaning Head: Remove plaque and calculus from the flat tooth surfaces with this attachment.

✅ Stainless Steel Cleaner: Use the hook-like cleaning head to breakdown and remove plaque and calculus deposits, stubborn stains and tartar. It's perfect for interdental spaces.

✅ Toothbrush Head: Use the Toothbrush head with the ultrasonic motor to achieve a new standard in daily teeth cleaning.

✅ Tongue Cleaning Head: Use the Tongue Cleaning head to scrape and remove bacteria for fresher breath.